New Aplicom A11W - A11 With Integrated WLAN

The WLAN functionalities open-up many new use scenarios in different applications. For example:


The King is Dead, Long Live The King

Aplicom A1, our long-time telematics workhorse deployed in hundreds of thousands in large professional fleets ranging from Mercedes Benz and Shell Europe to Qantas, ADAC, and UK Police departments, is being gradually replaced with our next industry leading device, the Aplicom A11. Now announced the A11 product family continues in the high-end product range of Aplicom A1 products and fully replaces them when the A1 becomes End-of-Life (EOL).


Aplicom’s remote download service received lot of interest at CVShow in Birmingham

Aplicom was present at the own booth in the Commercial Vehicle Show 2016 at the NEC in Birmingham, UK. The Commercial Vehicle Show is the main event for the UK road transport, distribution and logistics industry. Over 20,000 business visitors attended the CV Show this year.

We showed our telematics units A1 and A9 and several new solutions, such as RDL-remote downloading of tachograph data, Cold Chain Temperature monitoring and utilizing EBS-data (Electronic Braking System) in cargo and trailer monitoring.


What is the best way to connect a Connected Car – Does it matter?

The answer is “As many ways as there are to get power or variations of the data you need for your business”, single wire, OBD, CLA?

The telematics industry has been very good at creating devices to suit specific niche business needs trying to keep costs down. So nothing new there. The issue then is adaptability to different business needs over time left wanting. In summary the connectivity to power or data is:


Fleet Vehicle Selector Planning for Telematics

Telematics can be key to the fleet vehicle purchase being successful. But choose carefully not all vehicle makers care about your fleet management or how you can add telematics to collect data.


Aplicom A9 IPEX features and connectivity to EBS or other CAN sources

A9 IPEX is an IP67 level protected telematics unit for harsh environments. It can endure rough handling and possible hits that may occur for example on construction and industrial sites. With IP67, the unit is protected against dust and water and is optionally available with a tamper proof set.


A9 NEX RDL – a new and cost-effective solution to remotely downloading digital tachograph data

The Aplicom's RDL solution will improve operations of a transport company and eliminates unnecessary costs.

The A9 NEX RDL unit has all the same basic functions as normal A9 NEX units for tracking and tracing and telematics functions, but in addition it includes the digital tachograph remote download functions and FMS 2.0 interface support as standard.

Other A9 NEX family products like A9 IPEX, A9 NEXA etc. can be equipped with RDL functions. It is also possible to update already delivered A9 NEX products to support the RDL functions.


SkyCom has relied on Aplicom products for already 18 years

SkyCom from Luxemburg is a long term partner of Aplicom. They have used the whole range of Aplicom products from Aplicom ICA over C-series and A1 to A9 in combination with their WinFleet solution. And they are very happy with the new A9 NEX product.