A9 NEX RDL – a new and cost-effective solution to remotely downloading digital tachograph data

The Aplicom's RDL solution will improve operations of a transport company and eliminates unnecessary costs.

The A9 NEX RDL unit has all the same basic functions as normal A9 NEX units for tracking and tracing and telematics functions, but in addition it includes the digital tachograph remote download functions and FMS 2.0 interface support as standard.

Other A9 NEX family products like A9 IPEX, A9 NEXA etc. can be equipped with RDL functions. It is also possible to update already delivered A9 NEX products to support the RDL functions.


SkyCom has relied on Aplicom products for already 18 years

SkyCom from Luxemburg is a long term partner of Aplicom. They have used the whole range of Aplicom products from Aplicom ICA over C-series and A1 to A9 in combination with their WinFleet solution. And they are very happy with the new A9 NEX product.


Fleet Telematics – Is it worth a cup of coffee?

Vehicle Telematics as a Service provided in the Cloud is having a dramatic effect on the total cost of ownership of vehicles by enabling telematics in fleets be they large or particularly if they are small <10. A market previously unable to access the benefits of Telematics for Fleet Management.


Saving you money and the customer with Log Book Telematics

It’s always good when you can use the product you sell to also get a return on investment in your own day-to-day business operations within months plus added efficiency and accuracy. Many AAAA members run vehicles and have mandatory FBT log book requirements. Many of your customers are also small businesses for whom the cost of a professional telematics system for automated reporting is simply too high. That is, till now.


Fleet Telematics – Benefits far more than GPS Tracking

Telematics became possible for commercial use in 2004 when the doors opened far wider with satellites being launched with civilian frequencies and satellite fees being removed by the USA. One of the earliest integrators of GPS into mobile phones was Nokia in 2004 being also the genesis of our Aplicom telematics devices that have evolved from that heritage ever since.


New Telematics App for Optimising Your $s - Now in Australia

Drive Tech Australia (DTA) brings the world class Helpten Repair and Maintenance collection to the Australian market.

This is the first telematics solution optimised for the needs of the automotive maintenance and repair business sector.


Getting High Fleet Utilisation

A  report from Frost & Sullivan revealed that fleet operators can expect utilization improvements by up to 15 to 20 percent.