Farriers of the Strategic Inflection Point?

As proven by industries from web-shopping to car-rental, when the customers preference for digital self-service is combined with new digitalised business processes and smart utilisation of data, it invariably happens at the cost of the legacy business models and revenues. And this very same combination is now creating a strategic inflection point practically in every part of the automotive industry, forcing a business change for


Elisa, S-Group, and Helpten Launch New Connected Car Service: S-Drive

Business Ecosystem Builds Simplicity

According to the CEO of Palin, Petri Arvo, the key idea of S-Drive is to build an ecosystem in which all customer’s vehicle related tasks, from vehicle purchase to parking and surprising events like accidents, are as simple and easy as possible for the drivers and vehicle owners. Petri Arvo also sees that the ways cars are used and owned will experience a rapid transformation in the next few years and S-Drive, and the ecosystem around it, are in the core of this transformation.


How Nordic’s Largest Retailer Is Keeping the Maintenance Dollar

Having recognised that they were losing a significant amount of their maintenance business within 3.5yrs of the new car purchase, and even worse in the more lucrative used-car market, the S-Group dealers were looking for ways to improve their customer loyalty.


Police found several stolen vehicles with Helpten telematics

In Germany there were several stolen cars that police could find with the help of Helpten service. Stolen cars were equipped with telematic devices and the locations of cars were easy to check. Value of stolen vehicles was tens of thousands of euros. According to police telematic systems are very welcome. Thieves are unaware of telematic devices, because those are installed under dashboard and they are extremely small without keeping any noise.


What is the best way to connect a Connected Car – Does it matter?

The answer is “As many ways as there are to get power or variations of the data you need for your business”, single wire, OBD, CLA?

The telematics industry has been very good at creating devices to suit specific niche business needs trying to keep costs down. So nothing new there. The issue then is adaptability to different business needs over time left wanting. In summary the connectivity to power or data is:


Fleet Telematics and Predictive Analysis - Preventing Accidents

Increasing data across the USA and Europe is improving the ability to predict the likelyhood of an accident rather than traditional risk assessement that todays vehcile insurers use.


Can Aftermarket Providers Own the Connected Car Market?

Connected Car Ecosystems have the ability to change the way vehicles are used, maintained and insured. Automotive aftermarket has the opportunity to take a large slice of this market if they are prepared to disrupt and move aggressively. The technology is available off the shelf. You can do it now with technology used internationally in over half a million vehicles. So risk is very low and costs much the same.


SkyCom has relied on Aplicom products for already 18 years

SkyCom from Luxemburg is a long term partner of Aplicom. They have used the whole range of Aplicom products from Aplicom ICA over C-series and A1 to A9 in combination with their WinFleet solution. And they are very happy with the new A9 NEX product.


UBI - Sooner or Later

“The genie is out of the bottle. The vehicle insurance industry as a whole is not likely to go back to relying only on its traditional methods of assessing auto risks.” But will Australian insurers be left behind by a fast moving new market entry?


User Based Insurance – What’s your Strategy

User Based Insurance (UBI) is a fixed presence in USA and Europe why not Australia? 

Katie Walker who is a specialist in casualty actuarial of Pinnacle Actuarial Resource and has had extensive exposure to the evolution of UBI in the USA marketplace has some interesting industry facts.