Car-Sharing – A Fleet Alternative?

Kulku services enable customers to use vehicles without having to worry about the vehicle ownership, day to day tasks, and value reduction of the vehicle. It is offered on two main services levels, Kulku and Kulku Premium.

Elisa, S-Group, and Helpten Launch New Connected Car Service: S-Drive

Business Ecosystem Builds Simplicity

According to the CEO of Palin, Petri Arvo, the key idea of S-Drive is to build an ecosystem in which all customer’s vehicle related tasks, from vehicle purchase to parking and surprising events like accidents, are as simple and easy as possible for the drivers and vehicle owners. Petri Arvo also sees that the ways cars are used and owned will experience a rapid transformation in the next few years and S-Drive, and the ecosystem around it, are in the core of this transformation.


How Nordic’s Largest Retailer Is Keeping the Maintenance Dollar

Having recognised that they were losing a significant amount of their maintenance business within 3.5yrs of the new car purchase, and even worse in the more lucrative used-car market, the S-Group dealers were looking for ways to improve their customer loyalty.


Which Online Services for The Modern Maintenance Customer?

As the European leader in the Smart Maintenance solutions we have conducted extensive studies in the customer preferences and in the expectations they have for the modern maintenance business. And in the thousands of customer interviews that were conducted a clear pattern of new expectations has emerged: Not only do the modern customers expect many of the traditional tasks to be available online, and in mobile apps, but they also expect the maintenance business to be proactive in their digital services.


Fleet Fuel Savings available for all sized Fleets

Fuel savings have been high profile for Fleet Managers since fuel prices went through the roof internationally in the early 1980’s and has remained that way. Since then the push and pull between crude petroleum availability, (production ability or cartels) and government taxes has created an erratic price history to the current day. I’m 1978 the underlying price was about US$12 a barrel for crude oil, in 1980 US$35, 1995 down to US$15, 2000 back to US$30 and today it’s just about the same.


Driver Monitoring Myths

Don’t let the Myths of driver risk defeat your business profitability!

To monitor driver risk takes more than simple observation of one or two facts. It’s all too often over simplified down to:


Digitalising the Workshop - Connecting with the Connected Customers

“Customer trust and relationship have always been crucial for repair and maintenance, without this the customers will just shop around for the lowest price, a race to the bottom.  For the modern ‘connected customer’ telematics means they can now expect an easy and seamless experience in dealing with the workshop and replace cost only selling with a higher value proposition. They want more visibility of condition and maintenance of their vehicles, while being provided other valuable applications and information.


Can Aftermarket Providers Own the Connected Car Market?

Connected Car Ecosystems have the ability to change the way vehicles are used, maintained and insured. Automotive aftermarket has the opportunity to take a large slice of this market if they are prepared to disrupt and move aggressively. The technology is available off the shelf. You can do it now with technology used internationally in over half a million vehicles. So risk is very low and costs much the same.


Fleet Telematics – Is it worth a cup of coffee?

Vehicle Telematics as a Service provided in the Cloud is having a dramatic effect on the total cost of ownership of vehicles by enabling telematics in fleets be they large or particularly if they are small <10. A market previously unable to access the benefits of Telematics for Fleet Management.