Aplicom A9 IPEX features and connectivity to EBS or other CAN sources


A9 IPEX is an IP67 level protected telematics unit for harsh environments. It can endure rough handling and possible hits that may occur for example on construction and industrial sites. With IP67, the unit is protected against dust and water and is optionally available with a tamper proof set.

There are two product options of A9 IPEX available with different backup battery capacities. The one with a 200mAh battery is for use where power is continuously available, and the other with 4000mAh gives several months of operation time in the sleep mode even when disconnected from the mains power supply. Thus it brings additional security against theft and allows eg trailer or other asset positioning when not in active use. 

A9 IPEX has the same great product features as all A9 NEX based products have, such as intelligent two-processor architecture, A-GPS, GPS/GLONASS and Cell-ID positioning and OTA management. More about the features can be found on the Aplicom web-pages.

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