An Aplicom success story: Valtra Smart – CAN analysing now also for tractors


Valtra is a Finnish manufacturer of tractors and currently one of the four tractor brands of the AGCO Corporation along with Fendt, Massey Ferguson and Challenger. After testing Aplicom telematics units for maintenance purposes, Valtra now offers their tractors by customer request with factory installed Aplicom units. The cost-efficiency and accessibility of Valtra Smart’s maintenance solution for tractors is revolutionising Valtra’s maintenance services.

“Valtra Smart is like a foundation, which can be used in customers’ different businesses, from agriculture to municipal infrastructure”, says Jyrki Hyyrönmäki from Valtra. Aplicom A-series telematics unit is installed in the tractor and collects the tractor’s CAN and ISOBUS data and sends it to Valtra’s cloud service where the user can monitor it. This is anyhow just the beginning of the process. The main point is the utilisation of the data for maintenance purposes. By speeding up the spare parts logistics, the necessary parts can now be ordered and be available before the tractor even arrives for repair. In the best case scenario, the use of Valtra Smart can even hinder malfunctions from occurring if preventive actions are taken in time.

One amazing feature of Valtra Smart is that it requires nothing from the driver; it simply works automatically in the background. The contractor does not need to book the made works in a notebook anymore, because the data is registered automatically, precisely and authentically in the system.

Valtra Smart can be utilised in the management of work ie the invoicing of contract work, the documenting of works done, the anticipating of the need for maintenance, the executing of the cultivation plans and so on. 

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