Data-Privacy – an Opportunity for the Automotive Businesses?


Connected Car, using vehicle data and connectivity for enabling multiple services, promises significant benefits for all businesses. At the same time it also has the potential to make the car users everyday tasks significantly simpler. However, with this ability – and quite rightly so - come the concerns about data privacy and security. For example, when a business is collecting data on the employee’s vehicle during the working hours they can also learn unwanted details about person’s activities outside the business hours. And even if there are company policies defined for the data collection, these concerns will remain in the employee’s mind.

The Connected Car data-privacy requirements create an opportunity for the automotive businesses to establish themselves as a Connected Car “operator”. By controlling the access to the data based on the use case they can establish themselves as a trusted 3rd party and build an ecosystem of services around their own service offering. For example, when the telematics capabilities are used for fleet management purposes, the vehicle owning business can have detailed visibility only into trips classified as ‘work’ while for the private vehicle use only the total kilometres are reported for the accounting and fleet management purposes. Similarly, in the Pay-How-You-Drive insurance case, the insurance company will see only  the information directly related to the insurance risk assessment (driving style, time, and road class/area) without having access to the detailed GPS-location data.      

Developed together with insurance companies, large enterprises and government agencies, the Helpten platform has been created from ground-up with high-levels of data security, reliability and privacy in mind, including well thought-through processes and agreements for data sharing between applications and business partners. Sharing only the data that is relevant to the service and stakeholder, it enables the Connected Car multi-services to be implemented effectively while still always ensuring the privacy and data security of both businesses and individuals.

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