Get The Customer to Your Garage – And in Time


Close to 40% of the vehicle owners do not get their vehicles services in-time as required by the manufacturer’s maintenance schedule.  And when they eventually ‘get around’ to getting the vehicle serviced they often just go shopping for the lowest price with very little loyalty to your excellent service. Enter the Smart Maintenance.

With Smart Maintenance you have a real-time view into the customer vehicles, the maintenance needs, and the vehicle use. And we do not mean you spying your customers but making their everyday business tasks seamless and easy, while at the same time giving them tools important for their business operations and profitability.

Our maintenance and fleet management services are based on a vehicle telematics device, connected to the vehicle OBD-II port, which collects information on the vehicle use and its maintenance and repair needs. Based on this information the customer fleet maintenance tasks can be made automatic as well as the costs of the fleet accurately monitored and budgeted. Based on the same information you can also offer your customers a wide variety of additional valuable capabilities, making the overall fleet management seamless and helping them to save in their business operations costs.

See more about our smart maintenance solution in here.

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