New Telematics App for Optimising Your $s - Now in Australia


Drive Tech Australia (DTA) brings the world class Helpten Repair and Maintenance collection to the Australian market.

Drive Tech Australia (DTA) brings the world class Helpten Repair and Maintenance collection to the Australian market.

This is the first telematics solution optimised for the needs of the automotive maintenance and repair business sector.

The solution, combining industry leading telematics devices, feature-rich applications and 3G connectivity, enables customers to receive automatic invites based on vehicle use, book services themselves, get assistance from you based on the remote diagnostics of error codes, monitor their driving and fuel costs, get automatic reports for their expense claims and taxation, as well as utilise advanced fleet management features. Fully cloud-based, the Helpten solution scales to suit the needs of any size business, whether a chain with hundreds of thousands of customers or a single workshop with a 5 vehicle fleet business.

The DTA solution utilizes high-quality Aplicom A-series vehicle devices which encompass all the latest technologies and capabilities, enabling you to meet and exceed any business and consumer needs. Implementing an unprecedented 1.5m tracking accuracy with combined GPS-GLONASS and ranging from simple covert and OBD-II devices to full professional vehicle computers with voice-communications, contactless-CAN, and practically limitless interface options. The A-series devices provide an industry leading solution for any telematics deployment.

Grown from its Nokia heritage in ‘95 to an industry-leader in the vehicle telematics, the Aplicom devices have proven their accuracy and reliability over 20 years in the most challenging conditions, from the deserts of the Middle East to the Arctic Circle, and are trusted by numerous businesses including, Mercedes, Shell, and some of the world’s largest automobile clubs such as ADAC (Germany).

With the Helpten cloud applications these solutions are now available to you and are ideal for maintenance and repair shops and chains, whether looking to provide better customer service, remote assistance, fleet-features, or just selling telematics devices. It fully integrates with all the classic fleet management features as well. GPS tracking, Driver Behaviour, Navigation integration, FBT reporting, the list goes on.

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