Not Your Average Dongle - Aplicom A9 3G TRIX


Drive Tech Australia’s technology partner Aplicom has started the shipments of their latest product, the A9 TRIX.  Joining the large family of Aplicom vehicle telematics, telemetry and asset tracking devices, the A9 TRIX shares the 20year telematics lineage with them and, as one can expect from a company with over 500,000 deployed devices and technology customers like Shell, Mercedes, and ADAC, it sets the new benchmark for the vehicle telematics.

Industry Leading Accuracy

The A9 TRIX comes with the industry leading GPS/GLONASS sensitivity with A-GPS support, jamming detection and the most accurate odometer in the market to ensure that all driven kilometres are logged for end-customer’s use. Meeting the most stringent requirements of the logistics businesses, field services, government and emergency services, commercial fleets, and private vehicle users, the A9 TRIX delivers highly accurate positioning, acceleration measurement, and interface options to satisfy every business need and meet the requirements of all use cases. The A9 TRIX arrives to Australia, naturally, also ready for the 2G to 3G transition in the Telstra and Optus M2M-networks.

Reliability for the Most Demanding Environments

The A9 TRIX is based on the Aplicom developed dual-processor architecture.  The processors operate independently, monitoring each other, and ensure that no important information is lost even in the most challenging situations. Information is stored in the device during the power disconnects or weak mobile reception, and transmitted to the cloud-services when the situation returns to normal. As the A9 TRIX also has a large internal battery-reserve it can continue to operate and report the location and situation even if the vehicle electric systems are disabled or cables to the device cut. As home in the Arctic as in Longreach, the A9 TRIX is not affected by temperatures nor humidity, and continues to operate reliably even in the most demanding environments with the industry leading reliability and an MTBF of over 21yrs.

Flexibility Beyond Tracking

The A9 TRIX provides a comprehensive range of ready software functionalities which meet practically all vehicle telematics application needs - out of the box. In addition to these, it also enables easy and flexible customisation of the device software, either through the device configuration and scripts or by taking advantage of the device-family’s open programmability. As we design and manufacture the devices ourselves, we can also easily customise them to the customer needs.

From Devices to Vehicle-Telematics-as-A-Service

In addition to the devices we also offer the A9 TRIX as part of our Vehicle-Telematics-as-a-Service solutions. Our services include online and mobile applications which deliver real-time visibility and data on the vehicle location, status, fuel consumption, maintenance needs, driving style, etc. enabling your business to gain an advantage over your competitors with the value-add services.

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