Positioning Brought To a New Level


With Ensured security in jamming situations

The inbuilt GNSS and A-GPS support allow a quick first fix, improved positioning accuracy and a very accurate mileage calculation. As a further benefit of the dual satellite positioning system (GPS/GLONASS), the unit can be located more freely within the vehicle without losing the position.

By making full use of the A-GPS functionality, which provides the first fix in an average of 6 seconds, the mileage calculation starts roughly 15 seconds earlier than with a cold start. When simultaneously using the new timed wake-up feature with a maximum 8 hours interval, the user will obtain a very precise trip calculation from the beginning of each journey.

In addition to GPS/GLONASS tracking and tracing supported with A-GPS, the A9 Quick offers the possibility to use CELL-ID positioning as back-up. This can be used in some cases to calculate the trip in long tunnels or in large garages.

CELL-ID positioning helps also in theft situations when a GPS jammer is used. At the same time the back-end office is informed about the jamming action with the new jamming detection feature. The movement sensor can trigger an alarm with the support of the internal battery when the unit is unplugged from power.

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