7 Things To Consider When Building A Connected Car Ecosystem

1.     Why now?

Digitalisation changes everything and also the automotive industries have entered the era of digital transformation. Besides the obvious impact, i.e. the need to serve the mobile-first customers who demand more digital applications and automatic services, the digitalisation has also the ability to change the dynamics of the industry. Enabled by the new technologies and service digitalisation, for example,


Data-Privacy – an Opportunity for the Automotive Businesses?

Connected Car, using vehicle data and connectivity for enabling multiple services, promises significant benefits for all businesses. At the same time it also has the potential to make the car users everyday tasks significantly simpler. However, with this ability – and quite rightly so - come the concerns about data privacy and security. For example, when a business is collecting data on the employee’s vehicle during the working hours they can also learn unwanted details about person’s activities outside the business hours.


How Nordic’s Largest Retailer Is Keeping the Maintenance Dollar

Having recognised that they were losing a significant amount of their maintenance business within 3.5yrs of the new car purchase, and even worse in the more lucrative used-car market, the S-Group dealers were looking for ways to improve their customer loyalty.


The King is Dead, Long Live The King

Aplicom A1, our long-time telematics workhorse deployed in hundreds of thousands in large professional fleets ranging from Mercedes Benz and Shell Europe to Qantas, ADAC, and UK Police departments, is being gradually replaced with our next industry leading device, the Aplicom A11. Now announced the A11 product family continues in the high-end product range of Aplicom A1 products and fully replaces them when the A1 becomes End-of-Life (EOL).


Police found several stolen vehicles with Helpten telematics

In Germany there were several stolen cars that police could find with the help of Helpten service. Stolen cars were equipped with telematic devices and the locations of cars were easy to check. Value of stolen vehicles was tens of thousands of euros. According to police telematic systems are very welcome. Thieves are unaware of telematic devices, because those are installed under dashboard and they are extremely small without keeping any noise.