Fleet Telematics and Predictive Analysis - Preventing Accidents

Increasing data across the USA and Europe is improving the ability to predict the likelyhood of an accident rather than traditional risk assessement that todays vehcile insurers use.


What is the best way to connect a Connected Car – Does it matter?

The answer is “As many ways as there are to get power or variations of the data you need for your business”, single wire, OBD, CLA?

The telematics industry has been very good at creating devices to suit specific niche business needs trying to keep costs down. So nothing new there. The issue then is adaptability to different business needs over time left wanting. In summary the connectivity to power or data is:


Driver Monitoring Myths

Don’t let the Myths of driver risk defeat your business profitability!

To monitor driver risk takes more than simple observation of one or two facts. It’s all too often over simplified down to:


An Aplicom success story: Valtra Smart – CAN analysing now also for tractors

“Valtra Smart is like a foundation, which can be used in customers’ different businesses, from agriculture to municipal infrastructure”, says Jyrki Hyyrönmäki from Valtra. Aplicom A-series telematics unit is installed in the tractor and collects the tractor’s CAN and ISOBUS data and sends it to Valtra’s cloud service where the user can monitor it. This is anyhow just the beginning of the process. The main point is the utilisation of the data for maintenance purposes.


Fleet Vehicle Selector Planning for Telematics

Telematics can be key to the fleet vehicle purchase being successful. But choose carefully not all vehicle makers care about your fleet management or how you can add telematics to collect data.