GPS Fleet Tracking and Route Tracing


Helpten Pro is a vehicle telematics solution designed for passenger car and commercial vehicle fleet management and operations. By providing functionality and views beyond mere tracking of the vehicles it enables you to optimize the vehicle use and fleet operations, maximize the resource utilization, and minimize the costs – whether you have a single car or a large fleet of delivery trucks.

Developed together with fleet operators, repair & maintenance businesses, government agencies, and insurance companies, Helpten Pro architecture and features have been designed from ground-up with fleet requirements in mind: It is an open-interface platform with comprehensive set of fleet management features which can be modularly enabled to adapt to your specific business needs. It provides high-levels of data security, reliability, and privacy – including the privacy of the vehicle drivers – and can be easily integrated to your other business systems at desired level , from generating own reports to full integration with the Enterprise Resource Planning and Business Intelligence systems. 

Helpten Pro is a cloud-based Vehicle-Telematics-As-A-Service –solution. This means that you do not need to install any software nor require personnel to manage the systems and applications: Only internet connectivity and a browser – or a mobile app - is required for taking advantage of the capabilities, anywhere and at any time. All the application maintenance, monitoring hosting, planning and service management tasks are performed by Drive Tech Australia using the industry best-practices (ITIL), and are included in a single, simple, monthly fee.


GPS Fleet Tracking and Tracing
GPS Tracking and Tracing

A real-time, and historic, map-based –view on the location and routes of the vehicles; Supports flexible filtering and search based on various criteria, for example, vehicle id, group, status (e.g. free/ busy), and vehicle-nearest-to-a-map-location

Automatic Driver Logs and Reports
Driver Logs and Reports

Flexible filtering and adaptable report templates for generating driver logs and reports in html-, pdf-, or excel-formats, based on, for example, the vehicle, driver, time, trip type (private/business/billable/ non-billable, etc.), customer codes, billing codes, and start/end locations. Reporting can also be integrated to other business systems using the Application Programming Interface

Geofencing and Alerts
Automatic Alerts and Geo-Fencing

Comprehensive alert features based on location, area (geo-fencing), time, or accessories (e.g. distress button, ‘dangerous work’). Alerts are automatically sent to the defined email-addresses with SMS-notification available as an option.

Driving Style Analysis
Driving Style and CO2-analysis

Easily understandable visual feedback on the driving style and emissions calculated based on the number of negative impact -events and reference values; Flexible reporting and visualisation, including visualisation on the map.

Driver Identification and Trip Type Classification
Driver and Trip Identification

The current driver and the trip-type (e.g. business, private) can be easily identified with either the in-vehicle accessories or through the mobile-client and/or web-client. Additional information for the trip, such as billing codes, customer codes, etc. can be entered by the driver through the applications.

Booking Calendar
Booking Calendar

Enables organisations to effectively manage their resource and the personnel to quickly find free vehicles which suit their needs based on flexible filtering criteria.

GPS Based Site Reporting
Site Reports

Reports on frequently visited locations (‘sites’) for planning the work and resource allocation, assessing the business costs and profitability, and generating automatic billing and invoicing information. 

Vehicle Status Reports and Search
Status Reports and Search

Status of the vehicles and workforce in real-time; Supports flexible filtering options based on the status and other data fields (e.g. to find a free available vehicle closest to the target customer address).

Web-Services Enabled API for Telematics Data
Application Programming Interface

Flexible web-services APIs which enables businesses to develop custom reports, to integrate telematics data to the other business systems (e.g. ERP, BI, and data-warehousing), and to create their own custom applications.


Driving Style Competition
Driving Style Competitions

Enables the organisation to challenge organisations or groups of personnel to improve their driving style towards more economical and environmentally friendly driving.

Navigatror Integration
Garmin Integration

Enables drivers, work organisers, dispatchers, and service-desks to communicate about work-orders, destinations, etc. using the vehicle navigator devices, selecting jobs, acknowledging status, etc.

Custom Functionality
Custom Functionality

Being based on high-configurable and programmable on-board units and flexible platform architecture our solution can cater for virtually any vehicle telematics use case and accessory. Contact us for further discussions on your particular vehicle telematics needs.

For more details on the Drive Tech Australia fleet management solution and services, or for an access to the demo applications, please contact us at sales@drivetech.com.au.

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