User Based Insurance with Telematics


Helpten Insurance is a vehicle telematics solution optimised for the needs of the vehicle insurance businesses. Developed together with insurance companies and actuarial specialists, it does not only enable the insurers to offer innovative insurance products but also allows them to increase their customer loyalty with value-added services, ranging from young driver and private vehicle applications like driving-style analysis, stolen-vehicle recovery, and advanced road-side assistance, to the industry leading fleet-management, maintenance and repair-chain, marketing, and custom-applications

The Drive Tech Australia solution utilizes high-quality vehicle solutions with industry leading accuracy and proven reliability of over 20years, in numerous large installations from Arctic to Middle-East. The device options range from simple covert-power-only and OBD-II devices to full professional vehicle computers with voice-communications, and are trusted by numerous businesses including some of the world’s largest business like Mercedes and Shell and automobile clubs like ADAC. As we have full control of the device design and build, including own high-volume manufacturing of the devices, we can also customize the devices based on the customer needs and even provide customer specific devices.


Insurance Data
Flexible Data for Any UBI-Strategy

Whether considering a defensive strategy, interested only in identifying the policy holders of minimum risk for Pay-As-You-Drive products, or taking a proactive approach with Pay-How-You-Drive, the platform enables you flexible data analysis, driving scoring, and ranking models based on a multiplicity of detailed drive, vehicle, and context criteria, e.g. distances, times, locations, road-classes, driving style, area risk-profile, actions, vehicle servicing, weather, and traffic.

Driving Style Analysis
Driving Style Analysis

The driving style analysis helps to improve the drivers’ driving style by providing them an easily understandable visual feedback on the driving style and emissions calculated based on the number of negative impact -events and reference values; Flexible reporting and visualisation, including visualisation on the map.

Telematics Incident Analysis
Detailed Incident Analysis

In addition to the highly-accurate vehicle data collected by the platform the vehicle accidents can be analysed - to the level of milliseconds - using the Incident Data Recorder -functionality, approved to use, for example, by UK police departments.

Booking Calendar
Driving Competitions

The driving competitions are an excellent way to challenge people to improve their driving style towards safer, more economical, and environmentally friendly driving.

Vehicle Tracking and Tracing
Vehicle Tracking and Tracing

The map based location and tracking -feature allows the users to locate the vehicles and browse their past trips and routes. With the network and timed wake-up positioning capabilities the vehicle can be located, even if the device has been disconnected.

Car Use Reports
Automatic Logs and Reports

The vehicle use logs and reports enable users to automatically create reports on their car use, e.g. for taxation or expense claims, saving them time and improving accuracy.

Driver Identification and Trip Type Classification
Driver and Trip Identification

The current driver and the trip-type (e.g. business, private) can be easily identified with either the in-vehicle accessories or through the mobile-client and/or web-client. Additional information for the trip, such as billing codes, customer codes, etc. can be entered by the driver through the applications.

Location and Context Analysis
Location and Context Analysis

In addition to the detailed travel data, also based on the customer’s travel on different risk areas, travel to be classified by road-classes, etc (and combine with other data, e.g. driving behavioural in those risk areas).

Application Programming Interface
Application Programming Interface

Besides the ready-made and brandable applications the platform implements well-defined APIs and allows you a detailed access to the customer data for actuarial analysis purposes, creating your own insurance policy 'secret-sauce', or developing practically any own application.


GPS Tracking and Fleet Management
Extensive Fleet GPS-Tracking and Management

The Helpten Pro gives organisations detailed business visibility and control of their fleet operations, and are optimized for the needs of the business users, i.e. management, dispatchers, and business owners. Please see our Smart Fleet -solution for more information.

Smart Maintenance
Smart Maintenance and Fleet Management

The repair and maintenance applications include the mobile and online applications for the customers of the maintenance businesses, giving them a single view on the vehicle service and maintenance needs and costs. Please see our Smart Fleet -solution for more information.

For more details on the Drive Tech Australia user based insurance and related solution and services, or for an access to the demo applications, please contact us at sales@drivetech.com.au.

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